Appointment of Deputy Lieutenant – David Park - June 2024

The Lord-Lieutenant is pleased to announce that David Park from Dalry has been appointed as a Deputy Lieutenant.

David  was brought up in Irvine and moved to Dalry, in 1975. Originally an engineer to
trade, he moved to engineering sales before becoming a telecom sales manager in 1980.
He is now retired from telecoms.
David has been married to Hilda, for 46 years. They have one son and two daughters.
He was Chairman of the Civic week committee for 10 years. A past Chairman, now treasurer and trustee of Dalry Burns Club, a registered charity, a trustee of Dalry Old Folks committee and the Garnock Valley Area Organiser for PoppyScotland, for the last 10 years.
He is a member of North Ayrshire Council’s Locality partnership committee, Dalry Action Group, Dalry Patients Participatory group and many other local and national organisations. David’s goal is to give back to the community. His main hobby is traveling home and abroad.